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Special Ed. Translator Helpline: 831-786-2131
The PVUSD Special Services Translation Unit uses the Koalendar system integrated below to book English-Spanish interpreting services (not Mixteco requests). Interpreters are assigned randomly based on availability. If more than one interpreter is available, a drop-down will allow you to choose your interpreter. If no interpreter is available, staff are encouraged to utilize Language Line Solutions.
Instructions for Booking Interpreter (Eng-Span)

Instructions for Booking Interpreter (Eng-Span)

1. Select the date of the meeting

Navigate the calendar and select the desired date for your request.

2. Select duration of meeting

Select duration of meeting. Do not include travel time. Current options are 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hours.

3. Choose available time

Select from the available times. Times are only available for selection when one or more interpreters are available.

4. Select interpreter

If more than one interpreter is available at the selected date and time, a drop-down menu will appear.  Note: Drop-down menu will not appear if there are no other interpreters available at the selected time and date.

5. Fill out required fields

Fill out required fields marked with an asterisk (*). Make sure to scroll until all required fields have been filled.
Screenshot of form and asterisk

6. Confirm booking

Click 'Confirm' button at the bottom. You will receive confirmation and a calendar invite with the details of your booking and the option to reschedule or cancel. Feel free to add others to this calendar invite.
Interpreter Booking (SELPA Staff Only)

Interpreter Booking (SELPA Staff Only)