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For use with counselors and case managers. Please send a copy to Student Services:

8th Grade Promotion Activities/ Criteria

Dear 8th Grade Students and Families:
Each year, we celebrate our 8th-grade students by having activities for them at the end of the school year. This letter has the criteria for participating in these end-of-the-year activities. Please read the list below and if you have any questions as to whether your student is eligible to participate, please contact your school.

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony Participation Criteria (2022-2023)

  • Students must have a 1.5 Cumulative GPA for the 8th-grade year 

  • Students must pass all their 4th Quarter Classes with a D or better. (No F’s in any classes)

  • Students must have no suspensions during the fourth quarter of this school year.

  • Students must have no Unexcused Absences during the 4th Quarter. Any students with Unexcused Absences can clear their absences by attending an 

    • attendance recovery session offered at the school (options vary from school site: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday class).

8th Grade Activities Participation Criteria (8th Grade Dance, 8th Grade Barbecue, 8th Grade Field Trip, etc…)

  • Students must exhibit good behavior during the 4th quarter to participate in these activities - No suspensions


QUESTIONS: Contact your school counselor 

Graduation requirements

Graduation requirements

grad requirements
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