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    Migrant & Seasonal Head Start

    The Pajaro Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) Migrant & Seasonal Head Start Program offers free, quality child development services to families with children between 2 months and 5 years of age before entry into Kindergarten, during the months of May to October. Families are required to obtain more than 50% of their income from agriculture work. No optional services are provided for which payment would be required.
    The Program offers two types of service options: Child Development Centers (centers) and Family Child Care Homes (homes).  The centers are located at different PVUSD schools.  The two program options offer the same schedule: Monday through Friday, for a maximum of sixty (60) hours a week, from 6:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    Child placement is determined according to the licensing capacity requirements, age eligibility, and other factors.  Priority is given to children with special needs.  Children with severe medical conditions and/or moderate-to-severe disabilities go through a special assessment process to determine whether the Program can provide the appropriate placement and necessary assistance.
    The Migrant & Seasonal Head Start staff is committed to delivering high quality comprehensive child development services.
    Program staff, providers and parents work together to provide a warm, caring, healthy, safe environment, and to encourage all children in developing to their maximum capacity.
    A unique aspect of the Program is that parent involvement is encouraged in the development of policies and key procedures, and in the decision making that directly affects program functions.
    The Program is designed to offer the following services:
    • Health: All health concerns are identified and adequately addressed through collaborations between families, providers, program staff, and health care professionals.  
    • Education and Child Development:  School Readiness is achieved by providing high-quality early education and child development services that promote children's cognitive, social, and emotional growth.
      • Culture and Learning in Two Languages: The preservation of cultural roots is promoted by creating classroom and Family Child Care Home environments that reflect the families’ culture.  The use of the families’ primary language is encouraged while English is introduced as a second language.
    • Family and Community Engagement: The development of trusting and respectful relationships between parents, providers, and staff allows for everyone to learn together. Collaborations are established with other community agencies and other departments within the School District in order to provide the highest quality of services to children and families. 
    • Disabilities: Enrolled children with disabilities and their families receive all applicable services in order to promote full participation in all program activities. 
    • Mental Health: Opportunities are offered that promote children's mental health, social and emotional well-being; community partnerships are built to facilitate access to mental health resources and services. 
    Angelica C. Renteria
    Angelica C. Renteria