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Engage all students in scientific and engineering experiences that allow them to articulate their questions and refine their explanations about phenomena of the world around them.
Create opportunities for all students to explore the nature of science,  strengthen math skills through integration, become scientifically and environmentally literate individuals who apply the science and engineering practices, have a sense of wonder and desire to learn about science beyond the classroom.
Learning happens through doing science
Questions drive inquiry and foster a deep understanding
Explanations are evidence based
Science concepts are contextualized
Classroom collaboration fosters community connection
Experiences in science lead to language development
Mastery is multifaceted
Equitable access encourages participation in science
"Be patient, don't think you can walk in and do all NGSS... Pick one element or a few and do them well. We don't have high-stakes testing staring us down. So let's focus on teaching and teachers..... Right now, worry about good science."


michael russo
Director of Science and Health/Sex Ed.
(831) 786-2100 ext. 2973
Jessica Brown
Curriculum Coach, K-8 Science
(831) 786-2100 ext. 2592