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1. Who should I call if the bus does not arrive on time?
After ten (10) minutes you should call the school or Transportation at  831.728.6324. 
2. What information should I have ready when I call?
You should know your child's route number as well as the school, child's name and stop location. 
3. What are the hours of operation at Transportation?
A dispatcher is available from 5:00 am until 7:30 pm on school days. 
4. Will my child have the same driver every day?
Usually, your child will have the same driver in the AM, mid-day, and PM, though he/she may not have the same driver all day. This is necessary since most drivers provide service for at least two trips during every shift. In addition, the variety of school programs and calendars has an impact on driver assignments. Similarly, some of the students receiving transportation services are highly mobile and frequently change addresses and levels of service. When these factors are combined with the limited vehicles, drivers, and a variety of contractual constraints, a single student route change can "domino" to impact several routes and drivers. Please be assured that every effort is made, while accounting for these factors, to keep driver changes to a minimum. 
5. Can I require that my child only be released to me at the bus stop?
For all students, the parent/guardian is responsible for meeting the bus if they deem it appropriate. 
6. To whom should I report my address or telephone number change?
The school should be contacted as soon as possible with address or telephone number change information. For special needs students, please contact SELPA at 786-2130.
7. Why is the bus late and why wasn't I called?
Some of the situations that could cause lateness include traffic, road closures, weather, vehicle breakdowns or a late prior route. Since we operate close to 100 buses, it is virtually impossible to contact parents when the bus is slightly late.
8. How will I be notified of a change to my child's stop time (or stop location)?
Transportation notifies the school site with bus stop changes. You should receive this information in the same manner you receive other information from your school site.
9. I got home late and I cannot find my child. What do I do? 
First call your child's school. The school will then call transportation. Many times a student may have gone home with relatives, friends or a parent. Check with anyone your child may be with. Every effort will be made to determine where your child is.
10. I have a question regarding a bus stop location or pick up/drop time. Who should I call?
Please contact your school first or visit our Route Page. Each site has a copy of every route for their school. If the site cannot help you, please contact the Transportation Department. Remember that your child should be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.
11. If my child uses a wheelchair what do I need to know?
Wheelchairs are transported on Pajaro Valley Unified school buses in a forward facing position. If transported in a chair, the chair must have working brakes and functioning footrests; the seat and back of the chair must be properly attached to the chair. The harness and/or trunk support system must be attached and the lap-belt must be "auto" quality and not Velcro. The driver will be responsible for all securement issues. Finally, we remind our drivers that even if the child is independent, the driver or attendant should still be the one wheeling the chair onto the lift. Empty wheel chairs cannot be transported.
12. How do I purchase a bus pass ?
Please visit our Bus Pass Page.
13. What if my child is to get off at another stop?
Your child may get on and off the bus only at his/her assigned stop. If they need to get off at another regular bus stop, they must have a note from home and approved by the school office. The office may then issue a yellow "Bus Permission Slip"