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Purchasing Policies, Contracts & Forms

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

PVUSD Policies & Procedures

Authorized Purchases (Board Policy # 3300a)
Ordering products or services directly from a vendor without an approved Purchase Order is a violation of Board policy.  The Board shall not recognize obligations incurred contrary to Board policy and administrative regulations.  No single employee has the authority to purchase goods/services on behalf of the District, with an Authorized PO in place prior to.

FAQ About Purchase Orders

Frequently asked questions about Purchase orders & Procedures

Purchasing Handbook

This is your guide to Purchasing polices & procedures

District Warehouse Policies

Information pertaining to the District Warehouse/Stores. Tracking PO's and site deliveries

Comparative Shopping Guidelines

Information on required documentation for goods & services
Contracts Required for Purchase Orders

Contracts Required for Purchase Orders

The responsibility of the Purchasing Department (Board Policy #3300a)  The Purchasing Department has been designated by the Board as the office resonsible for the actions of spending District funds.  The Purchasing Director has primary responsibility for signing purchase documents which are legal contracts obligating the District in matters of procurement.  The term "purchase documents" includes contracts for the acquisition of all goods and services, whether by purchase, rental agreement or lease.  The District is not required to honor oral or unauthorized contracts to purchase goods and services. 
Site Service Agreements (SSA)

Site Service Agreements (SSA)

This Site Services Agreement  is required to accompany all PO's for consultants, workshop leaders, presenters, performers, contracted type of work such as, but not limited to, any modification to the school site such as construction (FOR CUPCCAA ONLY) landscaping, cabling, installations, plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc. There are many laws, regulations, and codes associated with public schools and construction. These laws apply to school property, regardless of funding, (including ASB, volunteer work, etc). Contact Purchasing to request a contract.  
The SITE SERVICES AGREEMENT is taking the place of Consultant Services Agreements, and Labor & Material Contracts.  This agreement is required to be filled out, and signed by the vendor, and attach to your PO in Escape before submitting it for approvals.  Once a PO is approved, then Richard Arellano, will sign the agreement, and it will be sent with the approved PO.
Fixed Assets, Surplus equipment, Stolen equipment

Fixed Assets, Surplus equipment, Stolen equipment

Fixed Asset Inventory (Board Policy 3440a)
The Education Code requires that all equipment items that are valued at $500 or more must be recorded in a District inventory. The Warehouse enters all equipment valued over $500 into our fixed asset database and tags the equipment with a PVUSD tag.          

FAQ Fixed Assets

Equipment Movement/ Surplus Disposal

If you need equipment/furniture moved please use the form below and email it to the District Warehouse.
Any equipment that is asset tagged with a PVUSD inventory control tag must be sent to the PVUSD Warehouse to be taken out of inventory before disposal.  All disposal of surplus must be approved by Purchasing.  Please use the form below to request disposal.

Stolen Equipment Procedures