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Activities and Services

Activities and Services

General Responsibilities
- Reconciliation, Oversite, Audit, Compliance of all District/Site Cash (A/P, A/R, Cash Transfers)
- Reconciliation, Oversite, Audit, Compliance of all District/Site Credit
- Reconciliation, Oversite, Audit, Compliance of all - District/Site Banking and Investments
- General Ledger Balancing
- Inter-departmental subledger charges
- IRS, State Franchise Tax, and BOE Filings
- EDD Contractor Filings
- Advanced Placement/IB District Coordination
- Student Scholarships
- Record Retention Coordination
Contact Information:
Lynn Sales, Account Technician
AP Vendors D-I, Personal & Mileage Reimbursements,
Travel & Conference, Child Care Providers, Scholarship Payments,
Accounts Receivable, COE/County Deposits, Bus Pass Refunds,
Parent Refunds
786-2100, Ext. 2501
Guadalupe Velasco, Account Technician
AP Vendors R-Z, Scholarship Payments, County Deposits
786-2100, Ext. 2502
Elizabeth Rivera, Account Technician
AP Vendors J-Q, Palace, Utilities, Bond
786-2100, Ext. 2503
Carlos Aguilar, Account Technician
AP Vendors A-C, Amazon, Daily Deposits, Cash Log 
786-2100, Ext. 2505
Christina Koda , Accounting Manager
786-2100, Ext. 2506
Imelda Hernandez, Staff Accountant
Charge outs, Credit card audits and charge outs, Deposits,
Bank reconciliations, Cash reconciliations, Stale Date tracking,
Scholarship requirement audit and payment approval
786-2100, Ext. 2507