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Bus Pass Roundup

Bus Pass Round up will take place at the District Office Boardroom on July 25, 26 & 29 from 10am to 5pm 

If you wish to fill out the online version, please visit our Bus Pass Application page and your printed bus pass will be sent to the school site.

If you have questions regarding bus passes, please email your questions to :


Dear valued PVUSD Community,

Due to the national and local driver shortage we are facing at Pajaro Valley Unified School District we have been faced with the difficult decision to reduce stops during the 22/23 school year. While we will continue to transport over 6000 students and operate 63 routes, the following stops will need to be removed to continue to transport our students and decrease the number of cancelled or delayed routes.


Affected Areas:

Cathedral/Monte Toyon

Cliff Dr. (from Martin to the end of Cliff Dr.)

Eureka Canyon

Hazel Del

HWY 152 past Casserly Rd (Including Mt Madonna Park)

Trout Gulch (past Victoria Ln)

Willow Road & Berry Road


We have reorganized routes throughout the district to maximize the efficiency of our service.

We are continuing to use Drivers from a third party company, Michael's Transportation, to bridge the gap in our resources as well as utilizing our arduous training program to actively recruit and retain qualified bus drivers to service our PVUSD students.


Please refer to our bus route web page for route changes.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Transportation department.

Valencia Road Service Effective 3/20/19

PVUSD has made a decision for the safety of our students and bus drivers that we suspend bus service on Valencia Road due to the road conditions.

The area affected is from Valencia School to Bear Valley Road.

We will still provide transportation on Valencia Road from Freedom Blvd. to Bear Valley Road only.


How Transportation is helping our students stay safe on the bus from COVID-19:

PVUSD Standard Operating Procedures #8

Transportation Disinfectant Procedure March 2020

It is the policy of the Pajaro Valley Unified School District to keep our buses in a clean and sanitary condition.

In an effort to increase the enforcement and consistency of our cleaning measures, our transportation staff will implement the following procedures:


1. All Transportation staff must use cleaner to remove debris and sticky film before using the disinfectant. The cleaner must be cleaned up before the disinfectant is misted over the area. The disinfectant will be applied with a spray bottle and must be left sitting for at least 5 minutes.

2. All seats, back rests and rails must be cleaned and misted with disinfectant twice a day. Once In the morning and once at the end of the employees shift.

3. Any surface exposed to a blood borne pathogen spill, leak, splatter, or discharge must be cleaned and disinfected as promptly as possible.

Disinfectant shall not be used when children are present and shall be kept out of their reach.

CHP Flyer on staying safe



SmartFind Express




"Stop When Red Lights Flash"

It could be your child crossing the street!

School Locator

If you need to find out which school your child is going to attend, please click for School Locator.

Enter your address on top and the map will identify the elementary, middle and high school in which your student belongs. 

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