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Translation Requests

How to request a written translation

lf you need assistance with a written translation please use the link for the Translation Request Form below.
Once you submit a request, you will receive an automated email letting you know your request has been received.  You will receive another email letting you know which translator will be working on the translation once a translator has been assigned. 

**Please allow 2-3 business days for the translation to be complete. Once it is complete the translator assigned will send you an email letting you know it is complete and/or attach the file of the translated document. 

Translation request form

Translation Unit News


If you need a SIRAS document translated (i.e. AP, PWN, or Unfinalized IEP), please select "Translation Required" on the student's IEP Manager for the meeting or pre-meeting documents that need a translation. 

If you need a translation for a different document (i.e. flyer or letter), please upload the file, preferably as a Google Doc or PDF. Any flyers that require different software will not be translated directly.  The translator will send you a Google Doc with the Spanish translation so that you can transfer it onto the software used.