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2019-20 Tech Academies

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What is it?

PVUSD’s Technology Innovation Coaches are now bringing professional development opportunities to your site! Choose a Tech Academy from our menu of options (below), and learn how to integrate that technology into your curriculum.  The tech coaches will work with teachers at your site to provide you and your colleagues with the PD to learn how to use the technology, and then be with you in the classroom while you learn to integrate it into your curriculum.  For example, the Coding Academy listed below requires 8 hours of PD time with the Tech Coach outside of the classroom, and then assistance in the classroom for at least one lesson with a Tech Coach.  Additionally, your site will get to keep whatever technology is associated with your Academy (think coding robots, video production tools, etc).  See the flyer here

 Here are some examples of Student Technology Projects from last year's Tech Academies.

How do I sign up?

Teachers at your site decide as a group which Academy they would like to participate in.  The group of teachers will need to decide on a time to have a 30 minute introductory meeting with the Tech Coach.  During this meeting we will discuss the logistics of the Academy, including deciding on dates for the professional development.  The Academies require professional development time with the Tech Coaches (Wednesdays, release time, or out of contract time (supplemental pay provided)- you choose), and the Tech Coaches will then support you while you use the technology with your students (model lessons, co-teaching, background support- again, you choose).  Interested? Just complete this form and we will connect with you by email to schedule a date and time for the 30 minute introductory meeting.  Prior to requesting an Academy, we recommend that you talk with your administrators to prevent scheduling conflicts on collaboration days, etc.

Tech Academy Menu:


Academy: PD time required:

Coding:  Learn to promote critical thinking skills by integrating coding activities into your curriculum.  Upon completion of this Academy, your site will get to keep the devices used in the coding activities based on your grade-level (Ozobots or Dash Robots)  Curriculum guide website  *Requires a minimum of 3 teachers

8 hours + lesson in classroom

Video Production:  Learn to use video editing software and filming tools such as a green screen to have you and your students create videos to support their learning in any content area.  Upon completion of this Academy, you will get to keep a video production kit which includes mini-iPads, green screen, and more!  Curriculum guide website  *Requires a minimum of 3 teachers

10-12 hours + lesson in classroom

Breakout EDU:  Bring the challenge of an escape room to the classroom to engage students in learning through gamified content.  Students solve clues to break open physical and/or digital locks.   Upon completion of this Academy, your site will receive six Breakout Kits and six 12-month subscriptions to access over 900 lessons.  Curriculum guide website  *Requires a minimum of 3 teachers 

Approx. 3 hours

Digital Portfolios:  Looking for a way for students to reflect on their growth and learning?  Digital Portfolios are an engaging and effective method for students to not only collect everything from text to video, but also create digital arenas for sharing work and building on knowledge.  This Academy will show you how to integrate tools that will inspire and engage your students into more self-directed learning! Curriculum guide website

Example Tools: Google Sites, Class Dojo, SeeSaw

Approx. 3 hours

Showcasing Student Learning:  Get your students to share their learning by creating videos, digital story books, video chats, digital posters and more. The tools are versatile and can apply to any content and grade level. You’ll be amazed at how creative, collaborative and communicative your students can be!

Example Tools: Book Creator and Adobe Spark (create original books with student recorded voiceovers, video, images and original drawing tools that can be published to the web), Screencastify, Flipgrid, Google Slides, Infographics, Podcasting

Approx. 3 hours

Checking for Understanding/Reinforcing Content:  Want to jazz up your formative assessment and reinforcement activities? Want your students to ask for more quizzes? Seriously! Well, check these out! Easy to use and with excellent teacher dashboards you can analyze for patterns, these tools are sure to become your and your students favs.

Example Tools: Kahoot, Quizlet Live, Quizizz, Plickers, Edpuzzle

Approx. 3 hours

Teacher Time-Savers:  Time? Who needs time? Learn about easy to use digital tools to make all those mundane teacher tasks simple and efficient so you can get back to the art and fun of teaching and interacting with your students.  Curriculum guide website

Example Tools: Google Keep, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Self Grading Quizzes, Remind

Approx. 2 hours/ topic     

Digital Arts: We know students are drawn to art and creating. We also know incorporating arts and technology into the curriculum has long term learning and social benefits. Come learn about easy to use tools that will unleash students’ creative forces (and yours too)!

Example Tools: Pixlr, Lunapic, Canva, Google Drawings,, Incredibox, Chrome Music Lab, Stop Motion Studio

Curriculum Guide website

Approx. 3 hours

Digital-learning Resources: Leverage the power of engaging students with technology for students to learn any curricular content and further skill development. This academy will introduce easy to use teacher tools to create lessons or units that students can work on independently and at their own pace.

Example Tools: EdPuzzle (video quizzes), InsertLearning (creating interactive quizzes and writing prompts from any webpage), Hyperdocs (creating self-paced digital workbooks using Google docs or slides

Approx. 3 hours
*We will no longer be providing a Virtual Reality Academy.  However, you can check out a Google Expeditions kit, and/or the 360 degree cameras using our STEM Kits Request Form.  See our Virtual and Augmented Reality website for help docs and ideas.  



Have more questions?  Then contact one of the Technology Innovation Coaches below.

Janie Islas


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