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Synergy FAQ

Commonly Used Reports


All reports need to be run as of date 8/14/19.  Type the report name/code in the Quick Launch for easy access.

  • Where is the STU12?

    • TCH601 - student enrollment by teacher - STU 12 replacement

  • How do I find kids without a schedule?

    • MST406 - open periods. Used to show unscheduled students

  • Validating Enrollment

    • ATD605 - cumulative enrollment totals print PDF

    • STU401 - Student list

  • How do I print a student transcript?

    • STU204 - student transcripts

  • How do I print a student schedule?

    • STU202 - Student schedule

  • How do I print class lists for all my teachers?

    • STU408 - Classlist