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“I had the opportunity of visiting several of the after school program sites in PVUSD a few years ago. During my visit I observed that the Extended Learning Program provided a high quality program designed to meet the social, emotional, and educational needs of their students between the hours of 3:00-6:00. I saw students engaged in one of many enrichment activities offered -- robotics, swimming, learning to play the guitar or ride a bike, and others hard at work on their homework or receiving academic assistance served by credentialed teachers. Technology-based learning and collaborative projects were evident. There were also opportunities for students to learn about nutrition and participate in physical activity, both of which I believe are critical in winning the fight against childhood obesity. To this day I recall stating several times during my visit just how fun it would be to live in the Pajaro Valley and participate in the after school program! In my opinion, PVUSD has an impressive program and could be a model for other districts to follow.”
Cindy Schneider, M.P.A., R.D.
Education Programs Consultant,
After School Division California Department of Education
“In 5 years as Regional Lead, my staff and I have had the opportunity to visit and assess PVUSD's K- 12 after school and summer programs over 40 times. Program staff has consistently shown a commitment to continuous improvement and a dedication to quality. Pajaro Valley Unified School District's after school and summer programs provide outstanding year-round academic and enrichment opportunities to students in grades K-12. From its award-winning health/nutrition curricula to its service learning and bridge components, PVUSD is a leader in the expanded learning field and a positive program role model in the region and state. Thank you to staff for a continued commitment to excellence in this journey to see kids succeed in all aspects of life!”
Mara Wold, Coordinator,
Region 5 After School Partnerships/
Expanded Learning Programs
Monterey County Office of Education
“For us the Family Literacy Project (through Extended Learning) is one of our best ways to learn, get to know new people, and share memories with family. In our personal opinion the Family Literacy Project helps people to be more valuable in our community and in general, increases a positive school climate. We especially think that the PACT (Parents Accessing Computers and Technology) workshop series was a terrific topic to help parents connect better with school. As you know, many children send text messages, play on iPads and often surf the Internet, so the parents who took the (technology) workshops have a new tool to help them by monitoring what their children are doing. Thanks so much for your support.”
Luis Garcia Parent Participant,
Extended Learning Family Literacy Project