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The Equity, State and Federal Programs, & Accountability Department of PVUSD provides high-quality professional development and assistance related to the implementation of State and Federal Programs, English Learner Services and Parent Engagement.

The unit assists in equipping administrators, staff ,and our community with the support, skills, knowledge and opportunities to provide equitable services to students and families.

Organizational Chart

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Administrative Team

Michael Berman
(831) 786-2100 ext. 2612

Marwa Yousofzoy
Coordinator EL Programs
(831) 786-2100 ext. 2582

Christina Oakden 
Administrative Secretary
(831) 786-2100 ext. 2612

Jessica Costa
Department Accountant
(831) 786-2100 ext. 2613

Virginia Gonzales 
District Translator
(831) 786-2100 ext. 2962

Parent Engagement

Ruby Vasquez
TOSA, Parent Ed Trainer
(831) 786-2100 ext. 2416

Brenda Guzman
Parent Ed Specialist
(831) 786-2100 ext. 2581

Maria Aguilera
Parent Ed Specialist
(831) 786-2100 ext. 2598

EL Monitoring

Erica Cobbs
Data Entry Assistant
(831) 786-2100 ext. 2574

Vanessa Aromin
Data Entry Assistant
(831) 786-2100 ext. 2576

Rosalva (Rose) Kajisa
Testing Technician
(831) 786-2100 ext. 6745