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Risk & Safety Management

Risk and Safety Management oversees the health and safety of all district students and employees.  




ENGLISH                     SPANISH

Field Trip Authorization Form Student Field Trip Permission Form Actividad y Formulario de Autorización
Certificate of Insurance Student Water Activity Permission Form Actividades en el Agua y Formulario de Autorización
Non-Paid Volunteers Student Driver Transportation Waiver Acuerdo Voluntario de Transportación de Alumnos
Student Accident Report Parent Transportation Waiver Hoja de Declinación de los Padres a Transportación
Incident Report Overnight Field Trip Behavior Contract Contrato de Viajes para Padres y Alumnos


Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

Chaperone Form Chaperone Form (Español)

Short Term Insurance

Volunteer Driver Form Volunteer Driver Form (Espanol)

IPM Plan 16-17

IPM Plan 17-18

IPM Plan 19-20

IPM Plan 20-21

Employee Driver Form

Employee Driver Form (Espanol)
District Office Emergency Operations Plan


Student Insurance Coverage Form


Student Insurance Coverage Form (Espanol)
Heat Illness Prevention Program Voluntary Participation Student Insurance Voluntary Participation Student Insurance (Spanish)
  Parent Authorization Emergency Medical Treatment Parent Authorization Emergency Medical Treatment (Spanish)
  Student Accident Insurance Pamphlet Student Accident Insurance Pamphlet (Espanol)



2019-20 Meeting Dates

2018-19 Meeting Dates

Mission Statement and Goals

Dates Agendas Hand-outs Minutes
1-29-20 Agenda   Minutes
11-13-19 Agenda Classroom Safety Minutes


Agenda Committee Meeting Schedule Minutes


Agenda Fire Drill Frequency Minutes
5-30-18        Agenda   Minutes
11-14-17 Agenda        Minutes
5-31-17 Agenda   Minutes
3-1-17 Agenda   Minutes
11-16-16 Agenda   Minutes
9-21-16 Agenda

Elem Drill Chart          MS Drill Chart        HS Drill Chart Site      Safety Chart Template      Best Practices

3-9-16 Agenda   Minutes
11-18-15 Agenda Keenan on-line Safety Training Minutes
4-15-15 Agenda   Minutes
10-15-14 Agenda Emergency Drill Schedules - Elementary, Middle School, High School Minutes
3-19-14 Agenda IIPP (Illness and Injury Prevention Plan 2014 version)  Current IIPP under District Forms Above Minutes
1-22-14 Agenda Bloodborne Pathogens Minutes
11-13-13 Agenda Committee Purpose Minutes


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