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Tech liaison agenda 2.12.15

Lia Meeting Agenda - Feb 2, 2015


Lia Meeting Agenda- 12/12/15


8:00 - 8:15 Greetings, coffee and breakfast items, Things IT People would never say, things teachers never say

8:15 - 10:00 Business items: Welcome Sheri,  LCFF - LCAP, CCTV – Video Surveillance Cameras to Secondary Schools this Spring, Spring Institute, PVUSD Google Certification, Jon Silver-Migrant Media – Filming 2 short videos of 1:1 implementation, eSP Mobile App, Review of Liaison Stipend (Conference Attendance or Google Certification), 1:1 CB ToSA for PMS Still Needed – Looking like we will wait until next Fall, Network cabling/port security – Desktop switches will no longer work, U drive phase out by Summer 2015 –  move files to Google Drive and Google Drive App (Disk size caution), de-provisioning of Google accounts TakeOut: , Intelligent Classroom(Pilot Rooms - Flow Chart):  Smart Board Models, UX 60 Refurbished and replaced soon, UX 35, 45, 55 to be replaced, SBAC Browser, headphones, teacher registration (30 Days), Google Research and LightSpeed - boy that upgrade went smoothly, New Office/Nurse Computers, Erate 18 – Upgrade school site backbones to 10gig, gig switches, gig to desktop, New (AC) WAP in every classroom and VoIP in Northern Area School, Cart issues - Wheels, Dropout prevention Ideas, Lead 3 – Send your principal, CUE, XP is dead!

10 - 10:15 BREAK

10:15 - 11 revise AUP, permission to publish forms


                                   Permission to Publish

11 - 11:45 Schoolloop training

  • elementary- basic web site editing, newsletters, lockers
  • secondary - gradebook, assigning work

11:45 - 12:15 Chromebook for teachers Discussion Google Presentation, Site teacher computer inventory

12:15-1 lunch

1-2:30 Digital Story Telling with WeVideo

2:30 -3:00 liaison share out (Sarah Anderson- Chromebook conference, Marina Maldonado- Monte Vista Student Tech Team, Liza Manley

3 – 3:30 Wrap up, Eval and Clean Up