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Tech liaison agenda 3.31.15

9-9:15- coffee and greetings at Monterey Bay Aquarium

9:15-10:15- business items: Purchasing deadline- help guide site with tech purchases, SBAC Browser, Chromebook version, SBAC technician support schedule coming, Automatic Windows update schedule coming soon to all school sites, Clever integration for Manga High and Typing Club- testing now, will use AD authentication, Policy Change: Desktops onto wireless as needed identifying options for wireless cards, CBs for teachers – in process, more on the way (Importing into Destiny and aiting on correct sleeves), Erate 18- project total cost 2,365,000 for 28 schools network backbone and wireless upgrades, VoiP projects Aptos schools will begin in April, Google cloud print for chromebooks for teachers and students, Intelligent Classroom Install update, Generic School Site Google Accounts, PVUSD Net Safety Lessons and Spring Certification, Brainpop Jr. and Lightspeed, Youtube Safety Mode, PVUSD Cadre for 2015-16 flyer coming soon, Tech Showcase May 21st at WHS 4:30pm-6:30pm,10:15-10:30- break

10:30-12:00- Makers’ Factory –Minecraft demo (hands on)

AHS/ Craig's program: Digital Design & Innovation

12:00-1:00- Lunch, time to explore MBA

1:00-2:00- Aurasma activity. Solution Form

2:00-2:30- 2014-15 Stipend choice: Monterey GAFE Summit, Design Agency Institute, recent Edtech related Conference highlights, 2014-15 Tech Cadre program, PVUSD Google Certification overview and future plans, cue keynote

2:30- wrap up and eval