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Tech Liaison Agenda 03.22.16

Tech Lia Agenda 3.22.16


8:15 - 8:30 Greetings, coffee and breakfast items (Check site for sub issue). Welcome Jared Boggs (PMS) & Brett Hagerman (Linscott)

8:30 - 10:00 Business items:

Intelligent Classroom video: Espanol version  English version

Lightspeed override

Headphones for SBAC- Contact Ed Services if needed

Purchasing deadline – April 8th

New tech calculator

ASUS Trackpad Issues – Work with Site Tech to identify

New CB Carts arrived – 3rd -12th one-to-one and SBAC, Liaisons have a cart too.

Generic school site google accounts/file shares

Minecraft - how’s it going? Pilot sites and rollout plan

Unneeded Technology - Share or recycle

Intelligent classroom – video, Round 2 schedule

One-to-one plan

Makerbot New Extruders - Call Makerbot to replace old ones (see: Clearing Makerbot Extruders (And Extending Life for number), page 2)

Digital Citizenship verification form for Principals Only

PD review for 2015-16 - Padlet on successful trainings, resources used. Survey about liaison role.

Tech Cadre promotion, 2016-17

New! Summer Seminar

3D Printer Grant 

9:15 Synergyse Google Apps training demo

9:30 Nearpod demo (Erin Legoretta)

9:45 Digital portfolios for students to build upon annually (Donegan)


10:15-10:30 Break

10:30 -12:30 

Secondary: Hapara (Em-overview, Craig- workspaces)

Elementary: Wixie (Melinda Kolk)


12:30 - 1:00 working lunch


1:00-3 - Gabriel Medina- NEST presentation on career pathways and the Film Institute

1:00- 3 (optional elem break out) Further Wixie training 

3 Liaison Share out

Liaison Google Drive resource folder

Craig's Symbaloo example- click X don't need to register)

Lisa- annotate/highlight text, SBAC skill practice using DocHub. Can be added to Google Drive (connect more apps under Create in G Drive)

Roni- iOS - Adobe Voice for student multimedia projects

Marina- Prism allows group sourcing highlighting of documents

Janie - Snagit (Chrome extension- search in WebStore) used for screencasting and presenting digital content

3:30 Wrap up, Eval and Clean Up