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Human Resources Department Staff


Staff Name and Extension


Elizabeth Orozco

Ext 2144

 All classified new hires, promotion, transfers, demotions and limited term assignments. Classified evaluations tracking. Certificated   and classified resignations and retirements.

Linda Mejia

Ext 2646

CL Special Education Recruitments, CL Recruitments Support, CE Special Education Recruitments

Aida Alvarez

Ext 2660

 Fingerprint processing

Claudia Cordova  Ext. 2148

 Position Control, classification studies, reclassification studies,Layoff process, researches employer/employee relations issues and   Personnel Commission support.

Lindsay Starks  Ext. 2658

 Administrative support, subpoenas, support for Administration and Calendar committee.

Anna Brinkman  Ext. 2655

 CE Middle School, High School, CE Administration and Counselors Recruitment and Credentialing. Notice of Assignments for CE.

Mary Lou Masters  Ext. 2648

 Classified testing and recruitment for all classifications, classified bumping and layoffs.

Daisy Loza

Ext. 2652

 Classified Seniority List, Classified Summer School, Classified Special Ed & Instructional Assistant Recruitments, Classified   Professional Growth, Classified Extended Learning, CL & CE New Hire Orientation.

Ariana Perez  Ext. 2650

 CE Substitutes and Coaches

Karina Rangel Ext. 2149

 CE Summer School, CE recruitment and credentialing for Children's Centers, Extended Learning, Migrant Head Start, Migrant   Education, Charter Schools, CL Leaves of Absence,

Elizabeth Mejia

Ext. 2145

 Change of names and addresses, employee and applicant support, verification of employment, and volunteer processing.

 Human Resources Main Line: 831-786-2145   Fax Line: 831-761-6018