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Resources for Educators


PVUSD Implementation Vision for MAP Accelerator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ Hub)

This webpage provides you with answers to typical questions. 

Padlet with Resources from Getting Started Training.

Monitoring Progress

Goal Setting Guide: outlines step on how to use the Goal Setting Template with students.

MAP Accelerator

General information

  • Teachers and students access via Clever.
  • MAP Growth Fall data will automatically be shared and teachers will be prompted to accept new placements.

Technical support

Are you experiencing problems with your class roster? Submit a help ticket at the PVUSD Helpdesk. Go to the Instructional Software category.

Are you or your students having problems accessing MAP Accelerator? Submit a help ticket at, include PVUSD MAP Accelerator in the subject line. You can call them at 1-866-329-2315 or chat with someone in Support. 

resources for the ACTIVATION PROCESS 

REMINDER: Educators must activate their teacher account from the email received prior to starting the activation process with students. 

  • Welcome Guide for Educators: This resource provides you with step by step instructions on how to activate your teacher account and student accounts.
  • Student Activation Slide Deck: Use the slide deck to guide students through the activation process; includes images students will see as they move through the process.
    • This is another option that includes setting the stage with MAP Accelerator and activation instructions. 

Resources to share with students

Resources to share with families