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Interpretation Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I submit a request? 
1) Make sure you are using Chrome as your Internet Browser. 
2) Make sure you are signed into your PVUSD account. 

The request forms are set up so that only PVUSD Staff can have access to them. Please use the the guidelines above to help you submit requests.  

If the form itself is having a glitch, please contact Adilene Aguirre at

How do I request an interpreter?

The best way to request a SELPA interpreter is through the online request form. Do not contact Rocio at the main office and do not contact the interpreter directly (unless you are canceling/rescheduling or need a last-minute interpreter- see below). If you would like to request a specific interpreter, please include that in the comments section of the request.

Once your form is submitted, you will receive confirmation of your request via email. After an interpreter is assigned, you will receive an additional email providing you with the information of the interpreter assigned to your meeting. This could take up to two business days. Please save your interpreter's information.

We recommend requesting your interpreter as soon as you confirm the meeting. An earlier request increases your chances of booking an interpreter. Even with six interpreters, sometimes there is no one available for the date/time you requested. When this happens, we will inform you so that you may coordinate your next steps. 

Can I use an Instructional Assistant or Behavior Tech from my site? 

If an IA or BT receives a bilingual stipend, then they are eligible for interpreting at annual meetings and addendum/amendment meetings only. All other meetings should be submitted for a SELPA interpreter. 

What if I need to cancel or reschedule the meeting?

Contact the interpreter assigned to your meeting directly. If you are rescheduling and they are available, they can confirm with you at that time. If they are not available, please submit a new request form. 

Do we have Mixteco interpreters?

SELPA coordinates with a District's Language Support Liaison for Mixteco interpretation. Because their primary job requires them to assist students during school hours, their availability for meetings is limited to the dates and times on the Mixteco Liaison Request From.  We recommend you send in your request with ample time in advance.

When will new dates be available on the form?
We try to keep the dates available on the form within the dates of a full month. We will open up the following month on the Friday of the midweek of the month prior. For example, dates for the month of April will become available on the Friday of midweek of March. Please be refer to the "Translator Unit News" to see when dates are posted. 
*This can be subject to change with summer and winter vacations*


Please use the Contact Us link on our Interpreter Services Home Page if you have any other questions. For immediate assistance, please call the SELPA Office at (831) 786-2130. Thank you!