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Computer Donation Policy

Receiving donated computers presents challenges that should be carefully examined before accepting such a donation. Donated technology equipment may serve as a valuable addition to a school's technology infrastructure, but please keep in mind that there is a "hidden cost" in accepting donated computers. This includes increased time or service, cost of spare parts and other factors.

New Computer Donations

When new computers are donated to PVUSD schools, they must match district standards for new computers. This means that the computer is identical to those listed on our Technology Donation Form.

If the donated computer is the same as one on the website, but it does not have Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft Office 2010, additional licenses must be purchased.

Donated computers, meeting the requirements above, should provide the best overall experience for everyone involved.These guidelines are meant to be firm in order to protect schools from accepting donations that may not be helpful to them. If a potential donation does not meet the above requirements, please read the next section.

Nonstandard & Older Computer Donations

Non-­‐standard and older computers are much more expensive to configure, maintain and troubleshoot. It is not a good use of district resources to accept something that seems “free”, but actually costs quite a bit in extra time and money throughout its lifespan.These donations often require significantly more staff resources to support and the district provides limited support for them. In order for the district to provide any support for the computers, they must receive advance permission from technology Services, and meet the district computer standards for donated computers(1).

Donated computers normally do not have valid licenses for Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. Additional licenses must be purchased to be in software Compliance.

Please note that even with limited support, it may take much longer for Technology Services to set up non­standard and older computers, as well as to troubleshoot them.


Donated computers rarely come with the same warranty as those purchased by the district and often come with little or no warranty coverage. There can be no expectation that donated equipment will be able to be repaired if it becomes inoperable. When donated items are initially received, any paperwork, including warranty information and/or receipts should be copied and given to the person responsible for inventory at the site.

In summary, for a good level of service, computers should meet the donation standards and if an exception is absolutely necessary, correct licensing will need to be purchased and Technology Services must be contacted prior to approval. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Tim Landeck, Director of Technology Services.



1.) PVUSD Technology Donation Form