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Curriculum Council

Curriculum Counsel is a collaborative team of teachers, district administrators and union leadership who collaborate to insure equitable access to curriculum. 


Collaborative Norms:

Be on time

Be Present

Be Prepared

Be Respectful


What?  A collaborative team of teachers, union leadership and district leadership.


Why? To have a productive collaboration focused on curriculum between teachers, union leaders and district leaders to support improved student learning.  To insure the effective use of resources and support for teachers as we implement new curriculum.



  • Curriculum
  • Curriculum Adoptions
  • Curriculum Resources
  • Assessments – District, NWEA-Map and State
  • Professional Development – Organization and Planning input



If you like to be part of this committee, please contact the PVFT office @ 831-722-2331.



2017-18 Meeting Schedule - Agenda - Minutes

Meeting Dates Agendas Minutes

September 19, 2017       

Curriculum  Agenda 9-19-17            Curriculum Minutes 9-19-17
October 24, 2017 Curriculum  Agenda 10-24-17 Curriculum Notes 10-24-17
November 28, 2017 Cancellation Notice  
December 12, 2017 Cancellation Notice  
February 13, 2018 Cancellation Notice  
March 13, 2018 Curriculum Agenda 3-13-18

Curriculum Notes 3-13-18

Language Arts Literacy PowerPoint

April 17, 2018    
May 8, 2018