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Colleen Bugayong , Supervisor

786-2100, Ext. 2506

Jane Tolan-Munoz , Staff Accountant

786-2100, Ext. 2505

Elizabeth Rivera, Account Technician

AP Vendors I-Q, Utilities, Bond, Daily Deposits, Cash Log

786-2100, Ext. 2503

Lynn Sales, Account Technician

Personal Reimbursements, Care Providers, CC Audit

786-2100, Ext. 2501

Margarita Ponce, Account Technician

AP Vendors A-H, County Deposits, CC Audit 

786-2100, Ext. 2504

Erika Padilla, Account Technician

AP Vendors R-Z, Scholarships, Accounts Receivable

786-2100, Ext. 2502

Imelda Hernandez, Account Technician

Extended Learning

786-2100, Ext. 2507

Activities and Services

General Responsibilities

Reconciliation, Oversite, Audit, Compliance of all District/Site Cash (A/P, A/R, Cash Transfers)

Reconciliation, Oversite, Audit, Compliance of all District/Site Credit

Reconciliation, Oversite, Audit, Compliance of all District/Site Banking and Investments

General Ledger Balancing

Inter-departmental subledger charges

IRS, State Franchise Tax, and BOE Filings

EDD Contractor Filings

Advanced Placement/IB District Coordination

Student Scholarships

Record Retention Coordination


Forms, Procedures, and Links

Board Policy - Booster Clubs       CALcard Credit Card Recap Sheet        Conference Attendance Form


ASB Training Materials                Report of Cash Receipts                                Request Bill Out.doc


Cash Receipt                                 Cash Receipt Combo                            Cash Receipt Bus Pass


Mileage Chart updated 2017       Mileage Claim Form 2010.doc          How to Request Billing.doc


2010-13 Vendors Over 150K        Reimbursement Packet                     Reimbursement Claim Form Updated 2019


FAQ - Reimbursements                Food Guidelines FY 15/16                   Gift Card and Award Procedure