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Illuminate LOGIN

Google SSO has now been enabled for both staff and students in illuminate. 

We are moving Illuminate toward full Google SSO integration. The first step is to migrate district-managed email accounts to authenticate with Illuminate, which will allow for single sign-on (SSO) access via Google.  This means users will login via Google - if you are already in Google, one click and you'll be immediately directed to Illuminate. 


Password resets will continue to be made via the district's Accounts Portal > Password Reset. If you need password assistance, contact the PVUSD Help Desk (x8324) as Illuminate's Forgot Password does not work.

If staff login to Illuminate outside of Google, the credentials will change slightly.  Staff and Student Username will now include the complete district email address:  


If you have access to multiple sites, you’ll be prompted to select a site from those to which you have permission. Select CONTROL PANEL in the upper right corner.  From the Control Panel, you can quickly change your login site, select a specific Student Group, or access the HELP section.

View of Control Panel

Use HELP to find LESSONS & VIDEOS for how-to documentation on everything from creating assessments to finding and reading DnA reports


Teacher Resources


Summary Assessments (ppt):  

K-2 - a quick way to collect data about students

Skills Assessments (ppt):  

K-2 - turning basic screening assessments into a manual assessment

Watch First Graders take an Online Assessment


INSPECT Itembank

The INSPECT Itembank provides DnA users the ability to tailor-build assessments that are relevant and reliable for use with students.  Items are set up so that you can select items by standard, claim or target.  You can truly customize a quiz or unit exam using the INSPECT Itembank.  


INSPECT also has available many pre-built exams that are "ready to go".  The pre-built assessment offerings were designed to provide a flexible solution to monitor student performance, inform instruction, and increase student achievement throughout the year. From quiz-like Checkpoints to Comprehensive End-of-Year Assessments and Performance Tasks, there are many options to pick and choose from to support your specific assessment needs.


The pre-built library contains the following assessments:

  • Interim Formative Assessments
  • Checkpoint Assessments
  • Comprehensive End-of-Year Assessments
  • Performance Tasks
  • Middle School Math Acceleration Placement Test
  • Spanish-translated Assessments
  • English Language Learner Assessments (ELLA)

YouTube How-To Videos

Parent Portal Access

DnA Tutorials

Tutorial for Teachers