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Login "101"

Illuminate DnA     

You will be directed to the Illuminate login page – it looks something like this:

Illuminate Login Screen







Use the following Login protocol:        Username:  firstname_lastname (DO NOT include the portion)

Password:  same as your district password

If you have access to multiple sites, you’ll be prompted to select a site from those to which you have permission. Select CONTROL PANEL in the upper right corner.  From the Control Panel, you can quickly change your login site, select a specific Student Group, or access the HELP section.

View of Control Panel

Use HELP to find LESSONS & VIDEOS for how-to documentation on everything from creating assessments to finding and reading DnA reports


Teacher Resources


Summary Assessments (ppt):  

K-2 - a quick way to collect data about students

Skills Assessments (ppt):  

K-2 - turning basic screening assessments into a manual assessment

Watch First Graders take an Online Assessment


INSPECT Itembank

The INSPECT Itembank provides DnA users the ability to tailor-build assessments that are relevant and reliable for use with students.  Items are set up so that you can select items by standard, claim or target.  You can truly customize a quiz or unit exam using the INSPECT Itembank.  


INSPECT also has available many pre-built exams that are "ready to go".  The pre-built assessment offerings were designed to provide a flexible solution to monitor student performance, inform instruction, and increase student achievement throughout the year. From quiz-like Checkpoints to Comprehensive End-of-Year Assessments and Performance Tasks, there are many options to pick and choose from to support your specific assessment needs.


The pre-built library contains the following assessments:

  • Interim Formative Assessments
  • Checkpoint Assessments
  • Comprehensive End-of-Year Assessments
  • Performance Tasks
  • Middle School Math Acceleration Placement Test
  • Spanish-translated Assessments
  • English Language Learner Assessments (ELLA)

YouTube How-To Videos

Parent Portal Access

DnA Tutorials

Tutorial for Teachers