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(VAPA) Visual and Performing Arts

Special Congratulations go to the following students for their wins at the 63rd annual Santa Cruz Art League High School Art Show. These students competed against over 500 works of art from high school students across Santa Cruz County [Coast Redwood, Costanoa, Cypress Charter, Delta, Harbor, Georgiana Bruce Kirby, Monte Vista Christian, Pacific Collegiate, San Lorenzo Valley, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Soquel, Watsonville, Renaissance, Louden Nelson, and Alternative Family Education].  Aptos High placed in 7 of the 9 art categories they submitted work in, and 77 student works were submitted to the Art League.

In Color Photography:

1st place went to junior Jared Carter for his self portrait titled "Clowning Around", and honorable mention went to junior Rikki Radliff for her "Shadows" portrait

In Black and White Photography:

Honorable mentions went to junior Melody Andrews for her shadow's photograph, and junior Amy Buchanan, "Haight Ashbury"

In Mixed Media:
2nd Place went to senior Trevor Foley for his cut paper "Snake on a Plane", honorable mention went to senior Kaitlin Sakae for her encaustic painting.

In Printmaking:

3rd place went to senior Miguel Quiroz, and honorable mention to sophomore Abigail Irwin.

In Drawing:

Honorable Mention went to senior Lili Heim​, for her color pencil titled "Fox"

In Ceramics:

Honorable Mention went to Chloe Manor for her "Buddha Bust" 

And finally the Lee Taiz Special Award for Arts & The Environment went to junior Madison Sudman for her color photograph titled "Velvet" , and junior Leslie Vargas-Luna ​for her scratchboard " .

Should you have these students in your class, please congratulate them on a job very well done.

Arts Speaks - National Endowment for the Arts

Arts Speaks:Produced by Dave Heinzel, Source: 

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Visual Art as Critical Thinking

This fascinating article argues that "visual arts (as well as other arts) are an excellent discipline to build and utilize critical thinking skills."

Originally posted (11/2/2011) at Edutopia, it is also posted at Fluency21, . Both these websites are outstanding sources of information and resources for educators — check 'em out!


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