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School Readiness

Migrant Education School Readiness Program (MESRP)

The Migrant Education School Readiness Program is a Pre-kinder program designed for ages 3-5 and includes Migrant and First 5 students at 5 different centers throughout Watsonville. 

The centers open in October and end in May. The centers are open from 9-12noon and 1 center is from 6-8:30pm. 

We also offer all Migrant families a weekly home based program which runs for 1 hour visits, 2 times per week from August to May. 

We offer a 4 week summer program from June to July for the same families.

Mercedes Barrios

Pre-Kinder Teacher

(831) 786-2100 ext. 2684


Dalila Guzman

Pre-Kinder Teacher

(831) 786-2100 ext. 2673



Nancy Ayala

Pre-Kinder Teacher

(831) 786-2100 ext. 2687



Emely Martinez

Pre-Kinder Teacher

(831)786-2100 ext. 2671