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iTAC (Instructional Technology Advisory Committee)

The PVUSD iTAC was created to advise the Technology Services department on appropriate expenditures of the Measure L Bond funds (Intelligent Classroom Project) to acquire classroom technology that promotes improved student achievement and teacher instructional practices through student engagement and interactivity.

Some questions that were addressed during the three after-school meetings were:

  • What is a 21st century classroom?
  • How could additional classroom technological resources help to improve teacher instruction, student engagement, interactivity and learning?

During the final meeting on February 13, 2014, iTAC came to a consensus about how to prioritize the spending for the Intelligent Classroom project based on the following premises and values:



  • Address equity and provide consistency of the instructional technology in all classrooms across the district. This means that the Measure L Bond funds will either provide equipment to classrooms currently without the agreed upon standard and/or update equipment deemed inadequate or outdated. (see chart below of current technology in PVUSD classrooms)

Current PVUSD classroom tech.png click image to enlarge


  • To fully address the intent and purpose for the “Intelligent Classroom Project”, the priority should be first providing technology within the instructional environment, so that all classrooms within the district meet a certain standard of installed equipment within the available budget.

  • All decided technology must be affordable within the $3 million budget of the Intelligent Classroom Project, provide the longest life span to keep alive investment for up to 10 years, and have a reasonable total cost of ownership (TCO) as most ongoing support and professional development costs are not included in the Intelligent Classroom project budget.

  • The technology chosen provides the most educational value for student learning and achievement through student engagement and interactivity.

To meet the specifications of the above conditions, different scenarios were presented that incorporated technology components that the iTAC ranked in terms of educational value with the priority for purchase and implementation to go in two tiers.

Tier 1: Instructional Technology for the Classroom:

Each classroom in the district will be equipped with:


  • wall-mounted flat screen TV

  • document camera (if not available)

  • classroom amplification system (teacher mic for even sound distribution)


Representative images of selected technologies:


doc camera.jpg SMART_audio_room.jpg


Some articles on the effectiveness of classroom audio amplification


Tier 2: Instructional Technology for Students and/or Teacher:

  • Chromebook carts or partial sets for classrooms, depending on budget and use options, for student use in the classroom. These devices will be acquired as funds are available.

Technology Services is extremely grateful for the commitment of time and energy made by all members who voluntarily served on iTAC. Provocative, interesting and thoughtful discussions emerged during the meetings. These will hopefully continue throughout the district as we move the PVUSD vision forward with technology integration.

iTAC Development and Process Overview:

A call for iTAC members was sent out to site administrators, district administrators and technology liaisons to distribute to appropriate and interested site or district personnel. Each candidate completed a short application outlining their interest in serving on the iTAC. Technology services selected interested members that could equally fill out the categories of grade level (elementary, middle, high), position (teachers, site admins, district admin, ToSA, LMT, etc.), technology (district admin, technicians), and specialties (Educational Services, Migrant, Special Education, Extended Learning, etc).

The following committee members were selected:

itac members Dec 6.PNG

iTAC Meeting Highlights:


Meeting 1 : Dec 5, 2013

  • Overview of Instructional Technology’s focus on improving student achievement.

  • Measure L Bond - Intelligent Classroom Project dollar amounts.

Meeting 2: Jan 15, 2014

  • Analyzing potential instructional devices for educational value

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) factors

  • Evaluating distribution scenarios (all sites, elementary, secondary)

Meeting 3: Feb 13, 2014

  • Review current district inventory by site

  • iTAC cost calculator and scenario creation process

  • Consensus on scenario ranking prioritized by tiers, accounting for initial costs (Bond funded) and TCO (non Bond funded)

    • Tier 1: classroom instructional resources

    • Tier 2: student computational resources

iTAC Implementation Timeline:

Over the coming months, Technology Services will be seeking bids from vendors for the equipment and installation. Once a vendor is chosen, we will coordinate with facilities to create an installation schedule. Some sites may be slated for major facilities or wiring projects that will need to happen prior to the classroom equipment installation. Please continue to check this webpage for updated information.

Thank you for your interest in the iTAC and PVUSD Technology Services.