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PVFT Negotiations Update - June 27, 2017

The District also presented information to PVFT explaining the District’s June 2, 2017 proposal, the financial impact on PVFT members, and statements by PVFT regarding negotiations.


The District is not implementing a pay freeze as reported by PVFT.


The District explained that the June 2, 2017 proposal by the District included the following, none of which constitute a pay freeze.  (PVFT did not respond to the District’s Total Compensation Package)

  • A one-time (off-schedule) payment of $1600 for each PVFT member for 2016-17, paid as soon as possible after ratification.
  • Placing nurses on the same work year and same salary schedule as Psychologists, Speech and Language Pathologists and Program Specialists.
    • There are six nurses in the District.  As an example, a nurse on Step 26 Column 4 would experience a $24,954 pay increase by moving to the Psychologists’ salary schedule and work year.   
  • Adding six steps to the Adult Education salary schedule, thus increasing the income potential for all Adult Education teachers.
    • All 53 Adult Ed teachers would now have the opportunity to realize either an immediate increase in their annual income or will have the opportunity to have their salary increased over time with the addition of six additional steps.
    • For example, a teacher on Column 2 with twelve years in the District would move from step six (the current maximum on the Adult Ed schedule) to Step 12, resulting in an increase of $7,038.
  • Providing a Bilingual Stipend equal to a Master’s stipend ($1612 every year on-going) for all teachers teaching a class requiring a bilingual certification.
    • There are approximately 87 teachers with bilingual authorizations teaching in bilingual classrooms.
    • All of those bilingual teachers would receive an on-going yearly stipend of $1629 for as long as they are in a bilingual classroom.
  • Providing a Roving Teacher Stipend equal to a Master’s stipend ($1612 every year, on-going) for any VAPA teacher or other teacher who releases other teachers for release time.
    • Approximately 15 teachers are rovers who release other teachers to allow for release time.
    • All of the roving teachers would receive an on-going yearly stipend of $1629 for as long as they serve as roving teachers.
  • A signing bonus of $2500 to teachers in the areas of Mathematics and Special Education.
  • Improving the salary schedules by adding longevity steps for Assistant Teachers, Associate Teachers, Seasonal Assistant Teachers, Seasonal Associate Teachers, Migrant Head Start Associate Teachers, Children Center Teachers, Children Center Seasonal Teachers, Children Center Family Child Care Home Specialists, Migrant Seasonal Head Start Teachers and Migrant Seasonal Family Child Care Home Specialists.
    • There are about 118 bargaining unit members in the ECE department.
    • As an example, a Children’s Center Teacher at Column 3 with 20 years would realize a salary increase of $4,984.

Variances in the District’s budget projections as reported by PVFT are to a large extent the result of efforts by the District throughout the year to reduce expenditures using zero based budgeting and line-by-line analysis of expenditures.


The District is confident it can afford its June 2, 2017 proposal, even given the current projection for deficit spending in the coming years.


The District has been and remains open to bringing in a 3rd party, chosen by PVFT, to review the District budget.  To date, PVFT has declined to do so. 


The District looks forward to an on-going exchange of ideas, through negotiations, in the effort to continue providing a meaningful education for its students and a safe and healthy working environment for its staff.


Posted by: Alicia Jimenez Published:6/28/17
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