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The Pajaro Valley Unified School District and the Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers met on June 2, 2017, to continue negotiating regarding reopeners for the 2016-17 school year.

The Parties worked together and reached agreement on the following articles:  Leaves (Article XII); Adult Education (Article XVII); and Retirement (Article XXIII).

The District presented a new proposal regarding Total Compensation which included the following items:

  • A one-time (off-schedule) payment of $1600 for each PVFT member for 2016-17, paid as soon as possible after ratification
  • Placing nurses on the same work year and same salary schedule as Psychologists
  • Adding six steps to the Adult Education salary schedule
  • Bilingual Stipend equal to a Master’s stipend
  • Roving Teacher Stipend equal to a Master’s stipend
  • A signing bonus to teachers in the areas of Mathematics and Special Education
  • Improved salary schedules for Assistant Teachers, Associate Teachers, Seasonal Assistant Teachers, Seasonal Associate Teachers, Migrant Head Start Associate Teachers, Children Center Teachers, Children Center Seasonal Teachers, Children Center Family Child Care Home Specialists, Migrant Seasonal Head Start Teachers and Migrant Seasonal Family Child Care Home Specialists
  • Clarifying language regarding the Health and Welfare Benefits Committee

PVFT responded that they need to review the District’s Estimated Actual Budget in order to evaluate the District’s new proposal. 

The District asked PVFT to agree to an MOU on signing bonuses in order to allow immediate implementation.  PVFT declined. The District reiterated the importance of instituting the proposed signing bonus during the summer hiring season. 

The District also renewed its offer to bring in a third party of PVFT’s choosing to perform a full budget audit, and asked PVFT for the name their chosen third party.  PVFT declined to provide a name and stated that a third party review at this point in time would not be useful.

The Parties will meet again on June 27. 


Posted by: Alicia Jimenez Published:6/2/17
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