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Drug Safety Message from County Sheriff

Over the last month police have been involved in five LSD related incidents. One person has died and four others experienced serious complications endangering them and their friends and family. We ask you to seriously consider the risks of using LSD or any drug. There are no safe drugs. Talk to your parents, talk to an adult you trust and talk to one another. Those that care about you will tell you the truth. Drugs, like LSD, can ruin the health and happiness you want. If you have questions, message us on Facebook or call 831-471-1121 to speak to a Deputy. We, like many in this county, want to see you succeed and believe in your potential!


We noticed this trend with LSD unfortunately on November 19th following the death of Luke Smith. On December 12th California Highway Patrol Officers fought with a man on Highway 17 after he was reported to have ingested LSD. On December 14th the Sheriff’s Office received a report of a minor having a seizure after ingesting liquid LSD which had been placed on a popsicle. The young lady was rushed to a hospital for treatment and nearly died.
Over the weekend the Sheriff’s Office responded to two additional reports of people experiencing life threatening reactions to reported LSD. On December 16th a minor was said to have taken LSD and experienced a bad reaction in a vehicle with his friends. The affectedyoung man who was riding in the back seat nearly caused the vehicle to crash. After the vehicle stopped he ran into the forest on a very cold night. Luckily he did not become injured and eventually walked out on his own. On December 19th a young man was reported to have taken LSD which was placed on a mint. This person experienced a reaction causing him to act erratically. He had to be physically restrained by his brother until law enforcement arrived.


Unfortunately in all but the case of the young girl, those experiencing a reaction to the LSD have become violent and some have attacked their family members. We are asking parents and mentors to help us fight this issue by talking to your young people. We are actively searching for those responsible for bringing this and other dangerous drugs into our county. We know there is more LSD and other drugs out there we just hope though our partnership we can prevent your child from falling victim. We are here to help you and your family and should you have any questions please feel free to message us on Facebook or call 831-471-1121 to speak to a Deputy. Other resources can be found at the County website;
We believe our collective effort can have an effect on this issue and help safeguard the brightfutures we all hope for our children.

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