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Celebrate LGBT History month! (October)


Help make schools safer for LGBTQ youth and their allies by honoring Queer History Month!

  • LGBT History Month, aka Queer History Month, was founded by Rodney Wilson in 1994.
  • As a High school teacher, he hoped to address and educate on LGBT issues and contributions, information that history text books failed to provide.
  • October was chosen as history month, in part because of the already established and widely celebrated “National Coming Out Day” that happens in October 11.
  • LGBT History Month is intended to encourage awareness, conversation and openness about being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, especially among educators and in school settings.
  • Consider celebrating Queer History Month at your school, community organization and/or business!


Queer History Month Resources

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National Coming Out Day-Oct 11th

History of Coming out

Spirit Day-Oct 20th

Take a Stand Against Bullying


Club Resources

Celebrate LGBT History Month with GLAAD

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