Socio-Emotional Counselors


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SAM's GUIDE 2017 Monterey County.pdf

Mental Health and Public Schools

Click on the link below to review NPR's slideshow which discusses mental health issues in public schools



Lead Counselor

Carrie Goodwin


(831) 786-2100, Ext. 2610

Elementary School Socio-Emotional Counselors

Mary Helen Ortega-Montero


Monday: Freedom

Tuesday: Landmark

Wednesday: Starlight

Thursday: Starlight

Friday: MacQuiddy


Office: Starlight

(831) 786-2100, Ext. 5697


Noel Scriffiny


Monday: Amesti

Tuesday: HA Hyde

Wednesday: HA Hyde

Thursday: Calabasas

Friday: HA Hyde


Office: HA Hyde

(831) 750-3050


Mary Anne Paul


Monday: Ann Soldo

Tuesday: Radcliff

Wednesday: Ann Soldo

Thursday: Ohlone

Friday: Hall District


Office: Ann Soldo

(831) 786-1310, Ext. 6265


Ricky Maldonado


Monday: Aptos JR High

Tuesday: Bradley

Wednesday: Aptos JR High

Thursday: Valencia

Friday: Mar Vista


Office: Mar Vista

(831) 786-2100, Ext. 7185


Natalie Hanneman


Monday: Rio Del Mar

Tuesday: EA Hall

Thursday: Mintie White

Friday: EA Hall


(831) 786-2100, Ext. 4695


Middle School Socio-Emotional Counselors


Veronica Fernandez


Monday: EA Hall

Tuesday: Cesar Chavez

Wednesday: Cesar Chavez

Thursday: EA Hall

Friday: Cesar Chavez


Michelle Close


Monday: Lakeview

Tuesday: New School

Wednesday: Lakeview

Thursday: New School

Friday: Lakeview


(831) 728-6455, Ext. 5996


Julia Reynolds


Monday: Pajaro Middle

Tuesday: Rolling Hills

Wednesday: Rolling Hills

Thursday: Pajaro Middle

Friday: Rolling Hills


Rolling Hills: (831) 728-6341, Ext. 4854


High School Socio-Emotional Counselors


Christina Souza



Monday through Friday: Aptos High


(831) 728-7832, Ext. 5106


Erica Murphy



Monday through Friday: PV High


(831) 728-8106, Ext. 3616


Daisy Nunez


Monday through Friday: Watsonville High


(831) 728-6390, Ext. 6495


Ramiro Medrano


Monday: PV High

Tuesday: Renaissance

Wednesday: PV High

Thursday: Renaissance

Friday: PV High


PV High: (831) 728-8102, Ext. 3505