Suicide Awareness and Prevention Week

During Suicide Awareness and Prevention Week, PVUSD secondary schools joined the national effort to bring awareness to suicide prevention. Students and staff learned warning signs and how to A.C.T. when they see warning signs for being at risk of suicide or self-harm. The acronym A.C.T. stands for: Acknowledge help is needed; Care and tell your friend you care and want to help; and Tell a trusted adult about your concerns.

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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week ~ October 27-31, 2014

Monday 10/27:  Welcome to Red Ribbon Week.  This week we will share some facts about alcohol, tobacco, and drug use and commit to saying no.  Did you know: Our brains aren’t fully developed until our early 20s.  Alcohol can cause long-term damage to your growing brain. Youth who drink before 15 are 5 times more likely to develop alcohol dependence than those who wait until they are 21.  And teens who don’t drink until they are 21 are 85% less likely to be in a motor vehicle crash related to their alcohol use than teens who drink before 14.  Stay smart, stay sober!   


Tuesday 10/28:  The effects of smoking marijuana begin almost immediately and can last from 1 to 3 hours. Decision-making, concentration, and memory can suffer for days after use, especially in regular users.  Long-term, regular use of marijuana—starting in the teen years—can impair brain development and lower your IQ, meaning the brain may not reach its full potential.  Stay smart, say no!


Wednesday 10/29: Tobacco use harms every organ in the body and can cause many problems.  Most of the harm to the body is not from the nicotine, but from other chemicals contained in tobacco or produced when burning it—including carbon monoxide, tar, formaldehyde, cyanide, and ammonia.  Cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and cataracts are some health concerns related to tobacco.  Additionally using tobacco can cause wrinkles,  yellowing teeth and skin, loss of taste and smell, and lowered lung capacity.  Stay smart - Blow bubbles not smoke!


Thursday 10/30: You think ecigs and vapors are safer than traditional smoking?  Electronic cigarettes contain toxic chemicals including diethylene glycol - an ingredient found in antifreeze. And the heavy suction required to get the nicotine from these devices means the chemicals get deeper in the lungs, causing more damage.  Hookah smoking can increase the chance of a lung disease known as aspergillus, tuberculosis and helicobacter (a cause of ulcers in the stomach).  Stay smart – say no!


Friday 10/31: Today we wrap up our Red Ribbon Week campaign but hope what you have learned stays with you forever.  Remember, your brain is still developing; alcohol and drug use can impair your IQ, memory, concentration, and decision-making both short and long-term.    Love yourself and your body – avoid the potential health risks including cancer and heart disease, caused by smoking, drugs, and alcohol use.  Stay smart – stay sober, blow bubbles not smoke, and say no. 

Parents As Partners ~ Fall 2014

We would like to invite you to our Parents As Partners series. We look forward to seeing you there to provide additional support to your family to ensure your child has every opportunity to succeed in school. We will provide an environment where parents and school staff can interact for the purpose of helping you support your child. 

We will provide childcare for children 2 to 12 years of age, a light meal and all the materials needed to participate in the program.

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Padres Como Socios ~ Otoño 2014

Queremos invitarlos a nuestros talleres de Padres Como Socios. Esperamos verlos ahí para proveerle apoyo adicional a su familia y asegurarnos que su hijo/a tenga todas las oportunidades para sobresalir en la escuela. Se le proveera un ambiente en el cual padres  y personal escolar pueden interactuar para el propósito de apoyar lo a usted apoyar a su hijo/a.

Proveeremos cuidado de niños para niños entre las edades de 2 a 12 años, un bocadillo ligero y todos los materiales necesarios para participar en el programa.

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September is Attendance Awareness Month


Pajaro Valley Unified School District’s (PVUSD) mission is helping learners reach their highest potential. In order for learners to reach their highest potential, they must first be in school On Time, All Day, Every Day. PVUSD is partnering with Attendance Works and schools across the nation to promote September as School Attendance Awareness Month. PVUSD’s Child Welfare and Attendance Department (CWA) focuses on student attendance all year. PVUSD has 33 schools educating over 20,000 students.


PVUSD is asking the community to join in ensuring that students are attending school ON TIME, ALL DAY, & EVERY DAY by doing the following:

  1. Each adult be responsible for all school age students in their immediate family to be enrolled and attending school daily.
  2. If you are a neighbor who notices school age children at home regularly during the school day, report it to PVUSD’s Student Services Department at 831-786-2390.
  3. If you are a business in the community and have school age youth loitering during school hours, report it to the non-emergency number for WPD or report it to Student Services Department.
  4. If you are a service provider within the community, and have no-cost or low-cost resources that will help families, please let it be known.
  5. Everyone can promote education and the importance of attending school ON TIME, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!