State of the District Report

Informe del Estado del Distrito


The State of the District report was created by Dr. Michelle Rodriguez after her first 100 days as Superintendent.  We invite you to take a moment to read this report.  


State of the District Report



El informe del Estado del Distrito fue creado por la Dra. Michelle Rodríguez después de sus primeros 100 días como Superintendente. Le invitamos a tomar un momento para leer este informe.


Informe del Estado del Distrito




Dr. Michelle Rodriguez, Superintendent  


Thank you to all of the PVUSD staff and the community for welcoming me into the district.  I am impressed every day by the work that you do in support of our students, parents and community.  Your work matters! You matter! I recognize that this important work can only be done with all of us working together as one team with a singular focus on student success.  I am fortunate to have a strong Board of Trustees, committed Cabinet, District Administrators and Site Administrators, and dedicated certificated and classified staff to work alongside me in our quest to become the primary leader in providing a world-class education. 


I pledge to build off of the established strengths, problem solve through the highlighted opportunities and follow through on the priority recommendations.  Through the 106 staff and community listening sessions, it cemented my belief in the importance of teamwork.  I am committed to continuing to be a highly visible and collaborative leader who is hands on and embedded in the work. As you see me in the schools, at various events or out in the community at large, please make a connection with me.  I want to hear from you!  You can also follow me on Twitter @mlrod32 to see which schools I am visiting and which events I am attending throughout the year. 


Through the new “One Team, Un Equipo” initiative, we will realize and advance a proactive plan focused on the Board of Trustees’ four key goals: 1) Universal Achievement—All Students Career and College Ready, 2) Sound Operational Oversight, 3) Positive and Supportive Culture and 4) Develop Human Capital. 


Remember, to take on this incredible work, we will need the support of every staff member, student, parent and community member.  We need you! Our students need you!











Please feel free to e-mail us at or contact the office at 786-2135, and we will gladly assist you.


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Alicia G. Jiménez, Executive Assistant




The Pajaro Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) is unique in Santa Cruz County.  PVUSD is the largest district covering 150 square miles and teaching over 19,000 students. The district’s student population has over 45% English learners with a significant percentage of our students classified as migrants. The District is divided into three zones with the North Zone covering Aptos, the Central Zone covering from central Watsonville to Aptos, and the South Zone covering central Watsonville into north Monterey County. We deliver our educational program at our sixteen elementary schools, six middle schools, three high schools, five charter schools, seventeen children's centers, a continuation high school, an adult education school, and two alternative schools. 


Student achievement is the District’s highest priority.  Over the past few years, student achievement has increased steadily throughout the district as measured by test scores on the annual state tests.  Further evidence of progress is also shown in the steady increase in each school’s Academic Performance Index (API).  Three schools in the North Zone have also been recognized for awards with one receiving national honors and two identified as distinguished schools at the state level.


While doing well with growth oriented State standards, the District has not done as well on No Child Left Behind (NCLB) federal standards. The NCLB standards focus on English Language Arts and Math and require every student subgroup to meet specified performance levels.  The District has now developed a plan which aggressively addresses the improvement needed in Language Arts and math.  This includes the consistent delivery of standards based curriculum and effective use of data to measure progress and identify areas where interventions are needed. 


The District has identified an intervention team made up of top administrators, board members and a State consultant.  This team is working with seven selected schools to identify action plans and provide needed support to enable those schools to meet their performance targets.  Work is also being done with middle schools to increase the effectiveness of their instruction and to provide interventions to further support student progress.  The District also has an extensive extended day program with after school programs operating at every school.  These programs are articulated with the day programs to provide further support to students. 

Our nationally recognized New Teacher Project provides ongoing coaching and support to improve instruction for new teachers.  Extensive staff development is provided for teachers at all grade levels to enhance their skills and to enable them to better meet the needs of their students.  


PVUSD has excellent Adult Education, Migrant Education, Extended Learning, and Special Education programs.  Alternative education programs and charter schools exist in order to best serve our students.


Over the past 9 years, the District has brought to our community almost $180 million for over 40 construction projects.  These include new facilities as well as modernization projects which were funded by aggressively soliciting State and Federal funds.  PVUSD is one of the statewide leaders in obtaining funds to build and modernize our schools. 


The District staff and Board of Trustees work with parents and the community to mobilize all possible resources to ensure quality learning and safe and clean schools for our students.  We encourage you to visit your neighborhood schools.